Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 02: motives for remembering《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 02

Manifesto 2 team / “Documentary Impulses” Book Launch meeting series 02: motives for remembering《記述的衝動》新書發佈見面系列 02

Manifesto 2 Team

發表於: 23 May 2021

Our Manifestos 2 book launch conversations 02 ***conducted in English

“Motives for Remembering”

28 May 2021m 8-10pm HKT
Zoom meeting + on-line streaming | **physical at Floating Projects
8:00 to 8:50pm Quotes from personal manifestos + discussion
8.50 to 9:50pm screening (streamed on-line)
9.50 to 10:00pm Q&A and final wrap-up

To register as a member of the audience, please follow this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_qwCorEl3TgiKzqm-A7iv4g
Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the join event link. 


Selected works to stream on-line:

To Know Her〈了解她〉(2020) 20’30” Natalie A. CHAO 趙芷妮
100 ft (2019) 3’03” Cecilia, Hua Xi Zi 滑惜子
Reality Fragment 160921 (2017) 14’02” April LIN 林森 (with Jasmine LIN)
I don’t live a very interesting life (2016) 9’41” Susan LIN 林星語
Therefore, I can see the wind blow〈如此 我才看到見風〉(2019) 4’18” Hei-wa WONG 黃曦嬅
I Stood Before the Sea (2019) 1′ Zach MCLANE 



It would certainly sound pompous to plainly state that artists have the ability to assert direct change to society. But I believe none of us would be ashamed to assert our right to speak and the legitimacy to have our voice heard in its varied tonalities. The world in which we live has always been shaped by forces beyond us, and tools of (art-)making are not always subject to our free deployment as we assume. But we must make our own experience, radically, in a world of shared structure — as long as we start to take note.  — Linda Lai

Selected quotes from artists’ personal manifestos…

It remains a record of who I was and still aspire to be — even when violence becomes part of our everyday, and the decision to speak becomes heavier, why should I erase this?
#People #我們 #Gendered Subjectivities #性別主體 #To remember… #要記住
— Natalie A. CHAO 趙芷妮 

I will not speak for others or to expect others to speak, as I can only express for myself, examine and reflect on the problems of my own.
#Narrative Game #敘事遊戲 #To remember… #要記住
— Cecilia, Hua Xi Zi 滑惜子 

We make films for ourselves, for the worlds we wish to see.
#Narrative Game #敘事遊戲 #To remember… #要記住  #Daily Records #日常細藝流水帳
— April LIN 林森 

In my work, I point the lens at myself (if not my physical self——-my memories, scenes of the world I live in, people I love) because of this realization.
 #Daily Records #日常細藝流水帳 #Habitat #居所
— Susan LIN 林星語  

I must transform the desire to shoot into action through my body, as this way I will more likely remember what attracted my gaze, and then be able to follow more closely all the pauses of my gaze, and to see my own way of seeing.
#Interiority/Exteriority #表裏一致:內部性/外在性 #An Eyeful Of… #眼定定  
— Hei-wa WONG 黃曦嬅

Video making is this process of documenting in order to find again. Through images, I reunite with the world.
#Soliloquy #自言自語 #One at a Time #逐步來
— Zach MCLANE  

We speak, we act out, we live, and ask to be heard; the immediate result is a humble entry onto the tracks of history – thanks to our impulse to document and make records. Fragments from the here and now, something for those in the future to recover — the traces of our experiences and the stun of realizing the possibility of being forgotten. 2019-2021!  — Linda Lai



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