Linda Lai for FP / Fresh videos, in-depth transformation: 3 thoughtfully crafted journeys of the selves 三種深度轉化:三段不一的旅程

Linda Lai for FP / Fresh videos, in-depth transformation: 3 thoughtfully crafted journeys of the selves 三種深度轉化:三段不一的旅程

Tracey Ngai / Faith Monsod / Pun Tsz-wai

發表於: 19 Jun 2021

19 June 2021, 4-6pm. Three video essays on living through time with one’s bodily presence. Tracey Ngai acts out her retrospection. Faith Monsod turns image objects into a passage to the infinite liminal. Pun Tsz-wai’s past resides in media artefacts and urban legends. Three fresh videos completed in May 2021 will be premiered at Floating Projects for discussion.  六月十九日四至六。三個今年五月新鮮出爐的錄像文章。據點首次亮相。記憶是甚麼?我是誰?我的根是甚麼?用身體的實存與行動。魏芷軍演述;潘子懷在都市神話中設置自己;Faith Monsod 的主體盡在可翻開可啄蘑的聲影碎片中。(Linda C.H. Lai 黎肖嫻)Total running time: 55m34s

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**feature image: a screenshot from Tracey Ngai’s A Trip to There. Image courtesy of artist.

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NGAI Tsz-kwan Tracey 魏芷軍: A Trip to There 《我在追憶,我在追,我在》(2021.05) 20m16s

I travel along the timeline, keep asking myself where I can be led to. Yet no one answers but only me wandering alone.

A trip to there is an experimental video essay that forms conversations from my documentation of my younger days in response to the action of me reading my past and concerns. Through structured improvisation and automatic writings, I reposition my materials along the timeline, transforming past and unchangeable events into dialogues with new contexts, as well as creating a journey that penetrates spatial and temporal boundaries. 



two performative moments in Tracey Ngai’s A Trip to There (2021)  魏芷軍的《我在追憶…》的回顧練習的現場抒演其中兩個片刻。

[feature by Tracey Ngai]

Bio. NGAI Tsz-kwan, Hong Kong-based artist, graduated from the School of Creative Media, is interested in manipulating images in a materialist approach, also freely experimenting with narrative strategies whether the form is video art or photographic work. Ngai explores the variety and potential of image writing, emphasizes the reading of moving images as well as their documentary and experimental aspects. 魏芷軍,本地藝術家,畢業於創意媒體學院,她多以媒材及物質層面上進行不同形式的創作如錄像和攝影。喜歡以寫作為本的影像創作,揉合紀錄及實驗元素,探索影像敍事的流動和可能性,以及文本與影像的共同閱讀經驗。


Briar Faith Paez Monsod: Liminality and the Full Stop that Never Came (2021.05) 21m11s

“My experimental video is about liminal identity and the experiences that come under this underrepresented category of being. The developments within contemporary discussions of identity has provided visibility to a plethora of individualities, allowing them to step into the world through new vernaculars of language. The intrigue for me, however, is the spaces in between these identities; the sect of people who do not align with the binaries of ‘this or that’. The heart of the video lies precisely in the purgatory of knowing who you are, somewhere between being certain and rethinking every thread in the fabric of your being. This piece challenges and dissects the mirage of personal identity, allowing it to dissolve amidst the sea of media and language.”

Past and present. Many “I”s, many places. Torrents of sight and sound. Liminality … 童年現今,重疊的身份,這個家和那個家,涓流的聲影。

[feature by Faith Monsod]

Bio. Faith Monsod, a Creative Media graduate living in Hong Kong, primarily focuses on graphic design, photography and videography. Having been heavily inspired by collage art and experimental cinema, she is driven to create works that discuss intimate aspects of the human condition, operating through the explorative mediums of personal experiences and emotions. For her, art is a cathartic medium through which the soul might be able to seek relief in.


PUN Tsz-wai 潘子懷: Years Flow Like Water 《日落照》(2021.05) 14m07s

Years Flow Like Water details a fictional encounter between a filmmaker and an elephant opposite a playground in Lai Chi Kok. By evoking Lai Yuen Amusement Park and Canto-pop Icon Anita Mui as symbols of Hong Kong’s collective memory, the film explores the nature of nostalgia and the passing of time.


two snapshots from Flow Like Water  潘子懷《日落照》的兩個都市神話式的記憶碎片。

[feature by Pun Tsz-wai]

Bio. Tsz-wai Pun is an emerging video artist and filmmaker based in Hong Kong. In the age of speed and saturation, she reflects upon the meaning of stillness. In her work, she explores the nature of the moving image, memory and the passing of time. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts and Sciences from University College London and is currently an MFA student at the School of Creative Media, the City University Hong Kong. 潘子懷 ,2019年畢業於倫敦大學學院, 主修文理本科與哲學。現於香港創意媒體學院修讀藝術創作碩士課程。她的影像作品,試圖探索回憶與時間。

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