Kel Lok / Growing up… through the toys I made: “That Model” 如何長大:留給「未來的自己」的《那盒模型》

Kel Lok / Growing up… through the toys I made: “That Model” 如何長大:留給「未來的自己」的《那盒模型》

Kel Lok 駱敏聰

Kel Lok 駱敏聰

發表於: 20 Nov 2016

Through the looking glass, FP member Kel Lok traces an everlasting sentiment nourished from his childhood, a deep view on the fantastic planet Eureka 7 and the episode “Psalms of the Planets.” 「據點。句點」成員駱敏聰談他當年的你「那盒模型」。


Those Toys 那些玩具 [count-down to “Toy as Medium”]

[***中文版在英語版之後 Chinese text follows from English text. Scroll down.]

On my work That Model

What does it mean to grow up? It is the will to begin. The protagonist (Psalms of Planets Eureka 7) is just a typical innocent brat. Obsessed with his female idol, and fantasizing some sort of “future” with her, he recklessly turns that into his inspiration for how to pursue a girl he would love at first sight in real life, taking off in a roller-coaster thrilling adventure. The most annoying bit is that this character is very much like me. That impulsive young man! Like everyone else, he would have loved to meet that girl he loves at first sight, and at the same time take on that grand trip offered by his idol, to ride a special robot and become a member of a gang revolting against the world.


What does it mean to grow up? It is the will to accept. Following the development of the story, that is, a sense of helplessness intensifying due to the gradual loss of ideal, the protagonist soon realizes that he is not that special and, in fact, he is selfish and foolish. When all the beliefs begin to shatter with the dreadful facts of the events, whether to keep lying to yourself or to accept the truth is perhaps one turning point in growing up.

What does it mean to grow up? It is the will to confront. He tries to escape, he is determined to run far away, yet eventually he decides to come back. He realizes other people are working hard even if the future is unpredictable. So there must be something that he is capable of doing. At least the one he loves should always be under his own protection.

Yes, these are what we have always experienced in life. The choices we made determine our paths, whereas our paths shape our future… Growing up might take a long, long time, yet it might occur in an eye blink. What does it actually mean to grow up? There is no definite answer. Perhaps the genuine part of growing up necessarily requires us to observe what was, and is, unnoticeable?

Every time I see this model, I recall that scene when the female and male protagonists are driving fearlessly up in the sky. It is motivating. When I open this box, I am compelled to think. How do I better the simple structure of this model so as to push its mobility? What do I do to simulate the drama of metamorphosis in the original story?… To have these wanderings, to me, is a kind of blessing somehow.

What does it mean to grow up? It is the will to believe. To believe in yourself, to believe in others, in the world and in hope. Miracles are not miracles, but the outcome of sustained perseverance and effort, which is ultimately the essentials to nurture precious gems we own. Therefore, do not crave, but learn to strive for it. if so, there will, eventually, be something awaiting just around the corner.

Let me tell you a little secret. I have actually used some elements from Eureka 7 in the background music of my graduation thesis (2015). Eureka 7 is always with me.




甚麼是成長? 是選擇去開始。男主角(《交響詩篇》Eureka 7)一開始不過是典形的無知小屁孩,隨隨便便抱著對偶像的憧憬,再向初相識的女主角來個一見鐘情,便自以為是地踏上冒險之旅。最惹人厭的地方,就是他跟自己太像了:試問那一個少不更事的男孩,不是期盼著遇上令你一見鐘情的可人兒,駕駛機械人,同時受偶像的邀請成為反抗世界的一員?


甚麼是成長? 是選擇去努力面對。他試過逃避,立下決心遠走高飛,但最後,他帶著覺悟回來。因為他知道,其他人也在努力,雖然將來無法預料,但必定有自己力所能及的事……起碼,喜歡的人要由自己保護。



甚麼是成長? 是選擇相信。相信自己,相信他人,相信世界,相信希望:因為奇蹟並非奇蹟,而是由很多很多堅持與努力的因,才能孕育出的稀珍之果。因此,



Renton Thurston, the protagonist - http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/eurekaseven/images/b/be/E7aorenton.png/revision/latest?cb=20131219005417Renton Thurston, the protagonist – http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/eurekaseven/images/b/be/E7aorenton.png/revision/latest?cb=20131219005417

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