Assemblage as Assembly「石硤尾聚疊」2022:聚集、共融

Assemblage as Assembly「石硤尾聚疊」2022:聚集、共融

Michael Leung 梁志剛

Michael Leung 梁志剛

發表於: 21 May 2022

熱身後的「聚疊」有了新的呼吸,5月20日晚上現場。梁志剛角度。「聚疊」,就是走在一起。What is to get together and improvize? FPC member Michael Leung breathes with his first trial of SKM Assemblage on 20 May … Disparate geographic locations connect through loose thoughts and actions… Assemblage growing …

***feature image: Michael Leung, Ozge Ersoy, Cici Wu and more on site at Floating Projects, 20 May 2022. Photo documentation: Linda Lai (also participant)


I arrived a little early yesterday with my congee container that really contained a vegan meal, made by friends nearby. The three of us ate together and spoke about a place on the other side of the world that I lived in for only two months. I realised that I missed that place more than I realised. When can I go back there? After my thesis?

Perhaps sentimental and thinking of our shared space that is the university, I brought up an alumni who passed in October 2019. I’ve been reading about his paintings and watching walkthrough videos of his exhibitions in that same city that I miss. In our conversation I learnt that he was relatively introverted and very talented. I thought again of his paintings, those blue ones, and how perhaps like Xi Xi to Magritte, I could perhaps attempt to write about those starry nights that he painted in his studio that was tucked inside an office building.

But first, Assemblage. I happenstance walked into an Assemblage in 2015 when I was a “neighbour” of Floating Projects in Wong Chuk Hang. I recall a lot going on and Flyingpig live painting the accumulated objects and ambience in the room. That painting is now at the back entrance of Floating Projects in Shek Kip Mei.

Starting early, Fuk Kuen, Linda and I unpacked a small piano that Linda carried from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. I played some keys but with no music background, failed to play anything remotely melodic. We brought it to the exhibition space. I brought my bike, helmet, front and rear lights, a plastic crystal ball and a Taiwanese pineapple.

People entered the space, walked into the dark storage room and came back with bleeding LCD displays, audio equipment that I’d never seen, tripods that almost touched the ceiling and remnant artworks that we all experimented with and tried to make sense of. Perhaps that is what my first Assemblage was like, trying to make sense of everything, my relation to this new collective that I only met just over a year ago and all the equipment that many were already familiar with — in their utility and their physical composition.

(Before) and after last night’s Assemblage we spoke about John going to Documenta 15 soon. I told him that my friends in Guangzhou are going too. Their collective is named after the jackfruit’s core. In Chinese the jackfruit shares similar characters with pineapple (菠蘿). Someone added the pineapple to the space and further excavated its scent, so that the pineapple and its juice could participate and intersect with our meanderings at times. Assemblage is an assembly of sorts, with little verbal communication, but instead a dialogue that happens through objects and those small interactions that you have with each other, such as a beacon held up by a new friend casting revolving Cuban oregano shadows onto the wall. I thought of my friends at the ZAD. How do we affect each other outside of this space?

I brought another gift for Floating Projects tonight, that I made with a different collective yesterday. It now sits against the wall where I once hung paintings relating to Wang Chau Village. There’s a giant red QR code that takes you down another rabbit hole. Can you find it?

| Michael Leung, 20th May 2022, Sham Shui Po


P.S. After Assemblage, John told me that he read my short text about the collective. I hope he has a great time at Documenta. I’d better start that work and give it to him before he leaves…

SKM Assemblage: 2022.05.22 Andio Lai and Wong Chun-hoiSKM Assemblage: 2022.05.22 RiK. Also present on-site: Sky, Yaya, Fuk-kuen (coordinator)SKM Assemblage: 2022.05.22 RiK, Sky, Yaya, John

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