Michael Leung / “Bishan Village May 2015” on site (video 1 of 4) 五月碧山村(駐場錄像四之一)

Michael Leung / “Bishan Village May 2015” on site (video 1 of 4) 五月碧山村(駐場錄像四之一)

Michael Leung 梁志剛

Michael Leung 梁志剛

發表於: 09 Mar 2021

Publishing (to Find Each Other)

Video 1: Bishan Village 碧山村


**碧山村位於安徽省黄山市黟县碧阳镇 Bishan Village is in Anhui Province, China (post updated 10 March 2021 @ 10:05am)


Made in May 2015, Bishan Village 《碧山村》 is the earliest of the four videos in the exhibition Publishing (to Find Each Other). The short film is shot hand-held with no tripod and features a live recording of That’s How My Hair Gets Messy in the Breeze 《我的头发就是这样被吹乱的啊》 by Wutiaoren (五條人), taken during a show in the village’s School of Tillers. 


The footage was filmed during HK Farm’s one-year artist/farmer residency at Spring Workshop in 2014, where myself and two contributors of The HK FARMers’ Almanac 2014-2015 went to Bishan in Anhui (China) to learn more about the Bishan Project and its commune members.

At Bishan I wrote two fictional stories, Fang Fang Shang Dian 芳芳商店 and Upstairs. The former has been translated into Chinese and will be added to the exhibition soon.


At one of the sharings last weekend a friend asked me to speak about the videos in the exhibition. I think the videos are extensions of the zines, moving footnotes that come a little later, that are time stamps of those particular places. The Bishan video is a window to a village that has since changed rapidly with hegemonic forces—with places closed, monuments removed and a period redacted from the village’s history. 

I have footage taken during my second visit to Bishan, and hope to write a third story one day. 

Michael Leung

9th March 2021, Floating Projects




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