Tokyo Doughnut, Audiobook read by Michael Leung 東京甜甜圈

Tokyo Doughnut, Audiobook read by Michael Leung 東京甜甜圈

Michael Leung 梁志剛

Michael Leung 梁志剛

發表於: 20 Mar 2021

To download a pdf version of the audio book Tokyo Doughnut (2018)

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A few days ago, I read Tokyo Doughnut aloud four times outside Floating Projects, on the wooden bench that faces the housing estate. A friend interrupted the last reading and I decided to use that recording (www.tinyurl.com/MLaudiobooks). Interruptions can be welcoming, transforming spaces and strengthening relations.

H., asked me what the story was about. Without disclosing too much I said that Tokyo Doughnut was dystopian… erotic fiction, written in a place where I spent nights writing my PhD application proposal. He said that he’ll read it soon.

For those who don’t have a chance to visit the exhibition, here’s an audiobook—hopefully the first of many. Reading aloud isn’t easy and my intonations are all over the shop. Would anyone like to read a story?

Michael Leung

19th March 2021











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