Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where 《徊放 / 前後:掛在那邊,去哪邊》(Micro Narratives 微叙事 2017)

Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where 《徊放 / 前後:掛在那邊,去哪邊》(Micro Narratives 微叙事 2017)

16 young artists: VIDEOGRAPHY: screening + installed videos 录像书写

Exhibition Period: 15.01.2017 (Sun) - 22.1.2017 (Sun) 

Single-channel Screening: 15.01.2017 (Sun) 5pm

Special pop-up event: 22.01.2017 (Sun)


Artists Madi ALPIYEV | Julienne BILAN | Johnny CHOW | HE Jiaqi | HO Lok-yee Gloria | LEUNG Cheuk-hang Ryan | LU Han | Ma Yiqin | SU Diyue | TEO Qiyu | TANG Chi-to Tobias | TO Tsz-sum Janice | Winsome WONG | WONG WONG Chun-man, Francis | WU Jiaru | YU Yiqing

Curated by: Vicky Do and Winnie Yan

Floating Projects / 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road (3 minutes from Wong Chuk Hang MTR)


Curatorial Statement 策展缘由

Back and Forth: Hanging there, Going where is the result of an honest attempt of the artists to unfold new modes of attentiveness that offer both the image-makers and image-viewers many possible manners to treat and receive moving images. According to Raúl Ruiz, cinema should serve to critique common sense and commonplace assumptions about storytelling, inside a movie theatre and outside of it. By deploying a method that leans towards description of individual image fragments and their surfaces, the artist becomes more than just a video-maker, but an image-sculptor. By focusing on the details of her/his image discourse, the artist proudly takes full possession of one’s work. At the same time, s/he seeks to leave the space for viewers to freely hang here with the work or grope around. By doing so, the responsibility of visual sense-making is shared between the artist and the beholder. Following “Micro Narratives - Invented Time-Space” (video installation) and the single-channel “Concrete Videos” (curated by Linda Lai) in 2016, the series continues this year with 16 new young video artists. They will contribute to a liberating game of image-making, to also share the joy of videography as it should be. (Vicky Do) 《徊放 / 前後:掛在那邊,去哪邊》展示一眾藝術家一連串嘗試後的成果,展開新的注意力模式,為影像製作者和觀眾提供更多可能性去處理和接收移動影像。 根據已故拉烏·盧伊茲 (Raúl Ruiz)所說,無論身處於電影院內和電影之外,電影應該用來批判常識和常見敍事的假設。通過部署一種傾於單個影像片段的描述力及其表面的方法,藝術家不僅僅是一個影像製作者,而是一個影像雕刻家。通過自身作品的影像流的細細緻經營,藝術家傲然地完全擁有自己的作品。他有意識地騰出空間,讓觀眾自由懸繫於作品的世界裡,又或在其中徐徐摸索。如此,藝術家與觀者共同分擔影像的感觀、體會的責任。 繼2011年的《微叙事 : 此(那)時、那(此)地》(錄像裝置)和 2016年的 《塑型錄像》(由 黎肖嫻 博士策劃)後,今年帶來16個年輕錄像藝術家,透過這自主的遊戲,分享錄像的快感。 (Vicky Do) **Related Readings: http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/back-and-forth_mn2017/ http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/concrete-videos/ http://floatingprojectscollective.net/events/micro-narratives-expanding/

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