Charles Richardson - Capturing Reality - Sessions in 3D-photoscanning

Charles Richardson - Capturing Reality - Sessions in 3D-photoscanning

22.01.2017 (Sun) 

Session 1: Artist talk: Charles Richardson 

Time: 2:00 pm -3:15 pm 

Session 2: The 3D-scanning workshop – by Charles Richardson 

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:30pm Admission: 

FREE Max Capacity: 20 

Registration: please email to contact@floatingprojectscollective.net 


** please bring along a smart Phone / tablet with camera, 

** please bring along your laptop with freeware Meshmixer installed OR capable to access :https://recap360.autodesk.com/ , But no laptop is also fine :D 

"**ALL are welcome. NO prior knowledge of 3D modelling/ computer programming is required.


"We are pleased to welcome Charles Richardson (UK) on to the Artist Mutual Support Scheme at Floating Projects. Charles has come to Hong Kong with support from the British Council and Arts England. He treats Floating Projects as his study base, place of experimentation and discussion hub. Floating Projects is also a point from which he will be executing his art-making process during his stay in Hong Kong. He will share his cutting-edge practice involving multidisciplinary techniques, working in film, performance and archiving fragments of reality with 3d photo-scanning. His latest ideas come from photograph-based 3D scanning technique, techniques which lie at the core of his practice and screen-based work. About the workshop The 3D-scanning technique is no longer a myth and most recently has become a more democratic process. With a little practice it is as easy as just picking up your cell phone and taking a photo. The capturing process technically crosses the boundary of photography, 3D modeling, programming and animation. Charles will share his philosophy and principles relating to 3D scanning techniques as an act of collecting or archive making. He will also talk about how he makes use of this accumulation process in his practice. The workshop will demonstrate the basics of applying a camera-based 3D scanning tool. With basic knowledge on the process of 3D scanning via trial and error, we will start to be able to imagine how the computer views the sequence of photographs and have a rough impression of what the algorithm likes and dislikes when constructing a digital model. In this workshop, Charles will not lead us to a technically perfect 3D-scanning process, but instead he will demonstrate exploring the possibilities of free experimentation and a creative process that is playful and open to accepting error and failure as part of the process. We will be able to play with such techniques in each step of the scanning process: from selecting an object for scanning, interacting with the scanned object to outputting the 3D model. · Participants will be able to show some of the outcomes from the workshop in a 3D modeling showcase at Floating Projects in mid-Feb which will take place with Charles Richardson’s own presentation of some of his work made here in Hong Kong. 


Artist Biography - Charles Richardson Born in Leek, UK (1979), Charles Richardson received his BA in Fine Art from the School of Fine Arts, Malaga Spain (2009), followed by his MA in Fine Art Media from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK (2014). Richardson works across performance, video, animation, writing and installation. He explores the relationship between popular culture and historicitiy within ones autobiography. Richardson’s interest lies in material and cultural accumulation within contemporary life. Richardson was the winner of the 2014 Saatchi New Sensations prize for his video installation Rehearsal. Recent exhibition venues include Exeter Phoenix, Exeter, UK; Agnes Maybach Gallery, Cologne; Zabludowicz Collection Invites, London; Bloc Projects, Sheffield; Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf; StrangeLove Film Festival,Central Saint Martins, London; Cabin Gallery, London; Bloomberg New Contemporaries, World Museum, Liverpool and ICA, London. 


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