Floating Projects Artist Residency Program  Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application 據點.句點  海外駐留支援計劃(2019秋)  申請募集

Floating Projects Artist Residency Program Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application 據點.句點 海外駐留支援計劃(2019秋) 申請募集

Floating Projects Artist Residency Program at C3A-Cordoba, Spain Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application [Application Guideline in PDF  (Eng/Chi) **中文版接英文版 Application Opens: 20th June, 2019 Application deadline **EXTENDED**: 11:59pm , 7th July, 2019  (SUN )

On-line submissio

Interviews: Early July 2019 Result Announcement: 14th July,  2019 Residency Period:   2019 Oct  @C3A , Cordoba, Spain  (1 month, exact date TBC)  

  1. The Artist Residency Program

*Floating Projects is collaborating with the Centre for Contemporary Creation of Andalucia (C3A / Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía) in Córdoba, Spain, to send TWO artists from Hong Kong to take a month-long residency at C3A. *The Second edition of Artist-in-Residence program will take place in Oct 2019. *TWO Hong Kong based Artists will be selected by Floating Projects. Selection will be based on maturity and relevance of proposed art project which the applicant will materialize at C3A through research and experiments. *The two artists will participate in talks and presentation to introduce their work and to exhibit them to the local public in Cordoba as well as Hong Kong. *C3A will provide studio space and basic computing equipment to the selected artists. About Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía(C3A): http://www.c3a.es/ Related reading 1. cloud and orange  (nube y naranja) – Documentation Exhibition : Floating Projects Artist Residency Program Outbound 2019: C3A, Córdoba (Spain) 2. "Concrete wandering in and out of C3A Cordoba: bitter oranges on the roadside" (participating artist's review) 3. "Documenting C3A Cordoba: site-specific views of the invisible and the potential" (participating artist's review)  

  1. Who can apply   

2.1 Anyone who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong. 2.2 Preferences to artists working on performance and installation for media art, computational media, video art and sound art. 2.3 Preferences to artists who have not had a residency in the past 12 months.  

  1. Your obligations once selected

3.1 Selected artists are expected to engage in C3A activities such as Open Studios, outreach, educational programs, artist talks and so on. These activities aim to provide visibility to the artists-in-residence. 3.2 Make at least 1 public presentation (in any form) on the general experience and work(s)-in-progress inspired by the residency program.  This should be carried out at Floating Projects' JCCAC venue  (Hong Kong) within 1 month after the overseas residency 3.3  Submit a short writing to Floating Projects as a written review of your experience of the residency program. The writing will be posted on Floating Project’s web blog.   

  1. How will Floating Projects support the selected artists?  

4.1 provide cash support: a stipend of HK$2000 for each artist * The first HKD1000 will be issued before departure for the residency. ** HKD1000 will be issued upon completion of the back-home presentation. 4.2 provide assistance in applying travel grant for the residence program 4.3 provide venue support on public presentation upon completion of the overseas residency.  

  1. How will C3A-Cordoba support the selected artists?  

5.1 Finance *A fund in memory of Dr. Rodriguez Baez will provide a stipend of 300 Euro to each artist. Artists must cover the following expenditure: ・Accommodation ・Transportation ・Insurance with accident and health coverage ・Living expenses ・Artwork Production ** Floating Projects and C3A will provide an official invitation letter to each selected artist to facilitate his/her application for travel grants to attend the residency.** For consideration: Cultural exchange funding grant in Hong Kong HAB Cultural Exchange Project https://www.hab.gov.hk/en/policy_responsibilities/arts_culture_recreation_and_sport/CulturalExchangeProject.htm ADC Culturall Exchange Grant http://www.hkadc.org.hk/wp-content/uploads/Grants_ProjectGrant/2018/PG_guidelines_CE_2018_ENG.pdf **Selected artists are free to explore any other funds available to them.   5.2 Working Space C3A will provide individual working studio space (~1200 sq feet) . Detail: http://www.c3a.es/ Other available equipments upon request


  1. How to apply  

Please prepare the following documents:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A one-page max. Statement of purpose including tentative plans for your on-site production. (A4, PDF format, file size <5MB)
  3. Any samples of recent / relevant theoretical and/or practical work

Send email application to hoi9@floatingprojectscollective.net  , titled [C3A AIR application- “your name” ] Application deadline: 11:59pm , 3th July  (Tue) Enquiry:  contact@floatingprojectscollective.net Website: http://floatingprojectscollective.net     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist Residency Program Devisers Alvaro RODRIGUEZ FOMINAYA (Artistic Director @ C3A) Álvaro Rodríguez Fominaya is the Artistic Director of C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía (Córdoba, Spain) and faculty at large for MA Curatorial Practice SVA School of Visual Arts (New York, USA). From 2011–15, he was Curator at the Guggenheim Museum New York, in charge of collections and exhibitions at Guggenheim-Bilbao, where he also founded the film and video gallery, exhibiting works by Christian Marclay, Ragnar Kjartansson, Rineke Dijkstra, Kimsooja, and Shahzia Sikander. From 2008 to 2011, he was Executive Director/Curator at Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong. Before Hong Kong, between 2002 to 2008, he served in successive positions at Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), Spain, as Curator, Chief Curator, and Acting Director, where he organized monographic exhibitions by Paul Klee, Jean Tinguely, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Joseph Kosuth, as well as group shows such as "Weather Report. Climate Change and Visual Arts," "Scrabble: Video, Language and Abstraction" and "¡Viva La Muerte! Art and Death In Latin America." In addition to his curatorial work, Fominaya has been a consultant lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Singapore, adjunct lecturer on art markets at City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media, and program leader of the Para/Site Art Space-Hong Kong's Jockey Club Curatorial Training Program. He has regularly contributed to multiple international art publications. He completed the Postgraduate Program in Curatorial Studies at Fundación “la Caixa” in Barcelona.   Hong Kong Coordinator Dr. Linda C.H. LAI (Project Experimenter @ Floating Projects) Linda Chiu-han LAI, Associate Professor in Intermedia Arts at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media (SCM), is a research-based interdisciplinary artist. After completing her Ph.D. in Cinema Studies at New York University, she has sought meaningful connective extension to other relevant artistic and theoretical endeavors. She persists in artistic creation as the practice of theory. A critical researcher of the History of Everyday Life, her works focus on historiography, visual and auto-ethnography, urbanity and popular culture. Her teaching revolves around the criticality of micro/meta narrativity. She has also designed, at SCM, Hong Kong’s first courses in visual ethnography, sound art and generative art & literature at the university level. She founded the HK-based new media art group the Writing Machine Collective (2004) and has completed 6 major group exhibitions on questions of computational thinking and contemporary art. Though broadly known for her videography in the international art venues, she creates in different artistic mediums to turn art-making into criticism, history-writing, gaming and voyages of discovery. Her digital and non-digital works have been shown in key venues in many cities in Europe, Asia and the US, including the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the Open City London Documentary Festival, LOOP Barcelona, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the Fourth State of Water (CoCA, Torun, Poland), Women Make Waves Film Festival (Taipei), International Centre (New Delhi), and the various Experimental Film/Video Festivals in Seoul (EXiS), Taipei (EXiT), Macao (EXiM), Kuala Lumpur (KLEX) and Hong Kong (HKEX). Lai considers herself a montage artist: to her, images are intensely rich perceptual surfaces that defy the binary division of representation and abstraction. Many of her works also deploy the notion of an archive and self-archiving, including her large-scale installation “1906-1989-2012: Guangzhou-Hongkong-Shanghai-Anji,” commissioned for the 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012 at the Power Station of Contemporary Art, which is also a piece of experimental history playing with childhood memory, the use of everyday objects and folk material, the postal history of Hong Kong and family stories. Lai seeks for intermedia moments and modes of connectivity, be it conjugation, modulation, combinatorial logic, or permutation… Her recent projects include Mnemonic Archiving (Singapore 2016, Hong Kong 2017) and Lost Texture at H-Queen's "Exit Strategies." She is also working on a research project on HK's animation history with Winnie Yan and Terrie Cheung, and the Manifesto project on videography with Elaine Wong, Emilie Choi and Winsome Wong, both to advnce Floating Projects's scope of experiments.  Floating Projects (2015- ) is her experiment on modes of sustainability in art-making and artists’ associations.   據點.句點  海外駐留支援計劃(2019秋)  申請募集 開始接受申請:2019年6月20日 截止申請日期:2019年7月3日 晚上11時59分 面試:2019年7月初 結果公佈:2019年7月14日 駐留日期: 2019年 十月 (C3A, 西班牙 哥多華 ) 1.計劃簡介 「據點・句點」將選出兩名本地藝術家前往西班牙 哥多華的 Centre for Contemporary Creation of Andalucia (C3A) 作為期一個月 (2019年10月)的合辦駐留計劃。 期望藝術家以研究為本的創作手法,並以實驗為態度,提交一個適合在C3A實踐的藝術計劃。 獲選藝術家將於C3A(西班牙)及「據點.句點」(香港)作公開口述匯報及展示作品的過程或成品。 C3A會提供兩個藝術家共用的工作室空間及基本電腦設備。詳情見下部5.2 關於Centre for Contemporary Creation of Andalucia (C3A): http://www.c3a.es/ 延伸閱讀: 1. 雲與橙 –海外駐留支援計劃 2019 西班牙 哥多華 C3A  匯報展覽 2. 哥多華當代美術中心漫遊紀錄:僅能拾起一個個隨街掉落的橙子 (第1期駐留藝術家回顧) 3. 哥多華當代美術中心創作紀錄:定睛眼前,凝視過去,觀望宇宙 (第1期駐留藝術家回顧)

  1. 申請資格

2.1 申請者為香港永久居民 2.2 從事 表演藝術、(新)媒體藝術裝置、錄像藝術或聲音藝術範疇之藝術家將優先考慮,但不限於以上創作媒界。 2.3 於過住十二個月沒有參與任何海外駐留計劃的藝術家將優先考慮

  1. 獲選藝術家的義務

3.1 藝術家需出席及參與 C3A 的公開活動,如開放工作室、外展及教育活動、藝術家講座等等。 3.2 舉行最少一個公開的匯報活動,分享創作進度或成果,形式不限。匯報需於完成海外駐留後一個月內完成。 3.3 擇寫一篇文章作為參與駐留計劃的感想。文章將於「據點.句點」 網上寫作平台「據點一杯茶」發佈。

  1. 據點・句點提供的支援

4.1 現金資助(港幣二千元正) *獲選藝術家出發前預支一千元。 *獲選藝術家將於完成計劃匯報後再獲一千元。 4.2 撰寫其他海外駐留資助計劃書的支援及徵詢。 4.3 回港後的匯報場地提供。 5.C3A哥多華當代藝術中心提供的支援 5.1 財政 **C3A 將提供每個藝術家300歐羅的現金資助 獲選藝術家需自行負責以下支出:

**據點.句點及C3A 將為獲選藝術家提供有效文件及撰寫其他駐留資助計劃書的支援** 【參考】可申請的海外駐留資助計劃 民政事務局   藝 術 發 展 基 金 ( 文 化 交 流 計 劃 ) https://www.hab.gov.hk/tc/policy_responsibilities/arts_culture_recreation_and_sport/CulturalExchangeProject.htm 香港藝術發展局 文化交流 計劃資助 http://www.hkadc.org.hk/wp-content/uploads/Grants_ProjectGrant/2018/PG_guidelines_CE_2018_CHI.pdf **獲選藝術家可自行申請其他可行的資助 5.2 駐留工作室 C3A將提供工作室空間(約1200平方尺),詳見:http://www.c3a.es/ 其他可供使用的器材(不能盡錄) -電腦  (Adobe Creative Suite 軟件) -3D 打印機 (不包括材料) -3D 掃描器 -鐳射切割機

  1. 申請方法


  1. 履歷表
  2. 計劃書,包括參與駐留目的及駐場創作的計劃 (只限一頁A4,PDF格式,檔案少於5MB)
  3. 一些相關的作品預覽,作為幫助我們了解你作為藝術家的想法

發電郵到: hoi9@floatingprojectscollective.net 標題請註明:[C3A AIR application- “your name” ]   截止日期 延後到:2019-07-07   11:59PM (星期日) 查詢:contact@floatingprojectscollective.net 網頁:http://floatingprojectscollective.net  

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