I Was of Three Minds 三個自我

I Was of Three Minds 三個自我

I Was of Three Minds -

an exhibition by RAY LC and Studio for Narrative Spaces

三個自我 -


22/05/2021. 1PM - 9PM @ JCCAC L3-06D Floating Projects


“I was of three minds when one bracket tells a thousand items all changes level and composition.” “I Was of Three Minds” features a series of new machine learning artworks or works in progress by RAY LC and STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES. Taking the perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and narrative design, this exhibition explores the way humans and machines interpret each other in narrative environments. 


“我有三思,從千件物品級別組成變化於籃子所告。” 《三個自我》展示了一系列由RAY LC和STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES於近期創作的機 器學習藝術作品或正在創作的作品。從人機互動、新媒體和敘事設計的角度出發,本展覽探討 了人類和機器在敘事環境中互相詮釋的方式。


About the Artist


RAY LC: is a human working to build bonds between communities and among machines. His practice creates interactions and environments from perspectives of human-machine interaction, new media, and collaborative narratives. He holds a PHD in neuroscience from UCLA and an MFA in design and technology from Parsons School of Design. He is currently creating artistic interventions that illustrate the implicit influences that spatial design has on our perception and behavior. RAY’s notable residencies include BankArt, New York Hall of Science, Saari Residence, Elektron Tallinn. RAY’s notable exhibitions include Kiyoshi Saito Museum, Elektra Montreal, ArtLab Lahore, Ars Electronica Linz, NeON Digital Arts Festival, New Museum, CICA Museum, NY Short Documentary Film Festival, NeurIPS. 


Website: raylc.org/ 


STUDIO FOR NARRATIVE SPACES: is a collective of creative practitioners at City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media who work with neuroscientists, roboticists, performers, designers, architects to tell immersive stories and grasp how human behaviors are shaped by environmental storytelling. Members included in this exhibition: RAY LC, Eray Ozgunay, Zeynep Erol, ZHANG Jingwei, SUN Yating, SONG Zijing. Other members: XU Hongshen, LIN Luoying, ZHOU Suifang. Website: recfro.github.io/


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