Money Supply - Huang Anlan's Solo Exhibition 貨幣供應  | 黃安瀾個展

Money Supply - Huang Anlan's Solo Exhibition 貨幣供應 | 黃安瀾個展

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策展人: 耿翔 

展期: 05/11 - 05/26/2019 展覽地點: 賽馬會創意藝術中心, L3-06D  據點。句點 

❑ 開幕酒會: 05/11 6:00 - 8:00 pm 

❑ 對談: 05/19 3:00 pm 黃山(人類學) + 黃安瀾(視覺藝術) 圖像與文字作為敘事載體 (*對話將以國語進行) 


在一國某一時期內為社會經濟運轉服務的貨幣全部存量,稱之貨幣供應。國家圍繞貨幣供應制定相關政策,從而影響市場供求,間接影響社會消費。選其作為主題,除了對當代消費主義帶有「波普」式戲謔的諷刺意味,更將話題的討論中的政治意味提取出來,將話題上升到另一個高度。中國加入世界貿易組織後,經濟迅速發展、中產階級不斷擴大,鄧小平時代經濟改革的成果在帶來豐裕物質的同時,亦帶來商品拜物教,中國大陸地區當即邁進“消費社會”。 是次展覽,黃安瀾從個人層面出發,將對「消費主義」的討論上升至社會的層面。從大陸移居香港這個成熟的資本主義社會,她得以從容、冷靜地“回看”正朝向物質主義轉變的大陸,又試圖釐清對香港帶來的可能影響。


《Contemporary Circus》以馬戲團為借喻,描繪存在於當今社會的多種消費行為。而《May, 2018》則依照奢侈品牌的營銷指示構建了錦衣華服的革命現場。最後,《Vaudeville》以及《槓桿原理》則以獨特的視角以及敘事方式將話題推向“消費主義”的衍生層面,分別討論“娛樂至上”現象衍生的東亞偶像文化,以及大陸資本主導下蓬勃發展的香港保險。 黃氏來回兩種不同的社會意識形態中,切身經歷著口岸兩側的相互影響:香港資本社會啟蒙了大陸的消費價值觀,以及現今激烈轉型中的大陸又回頭影響香港。消費主義是否對傳統的價值觀造成了破壞?我們如何去解決和應對激進變革中的大陸社會對後物質時代香港的衝擊?引入思考和討論這些關係,就是今天重新討論「消費主義」的意義所在。(耿翔,2019年5月於紐約) ❑ 藝術家介紹 黃安瀾 1996年生於廣州,2018年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,2019年取得香港大學文化及文學研究的文學碩士,這個暑假後,將前往美國帕森斯藝術設計學院就讀藝術創作碩士。她的作品致力於探索科技與晚期資本主義之間的微妙聯繫,及其帶給個體的脆弱。她使用現成圖像、影像進行拼貼創作,同時運用文獻資料來共同描繪經濟生活中的深層矛盾。 


網站: www.yasminehuang.com 

郵箱: yasmine1996816@gmail.com 

Curator: Sean Fox 

date:  05/11 - 05/26/2019 

Time:2pm-8pm (closed on Mondays)

 ❑ Opening: 05/11 6:00-8:00 pm 

❑ Dialogue: 05/19 3:00 pm Huang Shan (Anthropology) + Huang Anlan (Visual Arts) "Image and Text as Narrative Modes" (Conversation in Mandarin) 


Money supply, as an economic term, means the total value of monetary assets available in an economy at a specific moment. The state formulates relevant policies around the money supply, which affects market and indirectly affects social consumption. Choosing "money supply" as the title of this exhibition, the artist introduces satire of a pop-art style to the discussion of consumerism. After China joined the WTO, we have witnessed rapid development and growth of the middle class in China.. Commodity fetishism resulting from material affluence revives in this formerly anti-capitalistic nation, dragging contemporary society into a consumption-oriented one. In this exhibition, Huang extends the discussion on consumerism from an individual perspective to a societal one. Born in a juvenile semi-capitalist society and educated in a mature, well-developed one, this dual experience enables her to have a unique and clear position to gaze upon the materialism in Mainland China, and its potential influence to Hong Kong. Contemporary Circus has a vivid depiction of the consuming phenomena with a metaphor of Kafkaesque circus. May 2018 follows the guidance of luxury brand to reconstruct a glorious and dazzling revolutionary scene. Vaudeville and Leverage respectively discuss the east-asiatic idol industry and the flourishing insurance industry in Hong Kong, further pushing the theme by a unique perspective and narrative style. The artist is constantly wandering between two different ideologies and experiencing the mutual influence across the border. Capitalism in Hong Kong enlightens the Mainland Chinese society with a brand new social value, and Mainland China nowadays feedbacks to Hong Kong respectively. Has consumerism already undermined the traditional social value? How can we react or offset the impact brought by the materialistic mainland China towards Hong Kong in the age of post-materialism? The mere existence, save the need for reconsideration, of these controversies, Introducing and discussing this relationship, is why we still keep talking about consumerism today. (Sean Fox, May 2019, New York) ❑ About the Artist Huang Anlan Born in Guangzhou, Huang graduated from the School of Creative Media (2018), received her MA degree in Cultural and Literary Study at the University of Hong Kong (2019), and will start her MFA at the Parsons School of Design in New York this fall to pursue photography. Huang’s works express her solicitude in contemporary society. She explores the subtle interaction between the cyber world and late capitalism, and the vulnerability impacted on individuals. In the current show, she adopts found images, found footages and other archival materials to picture the many contradictions embedded in consumer behavior. 


Website: www.yasminehuang.com 


To contact artist: yasmine1996816@gmail.com 


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