"Monster Assemblage" Workshop 《用剩物,砌怪物》工作坊

"Monster Assemblage" Workshop 《用剩物,砌怪物》工作坊

《用剩物,砌怪物》工作坊 "Monster Assemblage" Workshop


3 Dec 2016 (Saturday) 16:00-18:00 @ Floating Projects 星期六 12月3日下午4時至六時「據點。句點」見  


....相信「天生我材必有用」的心,使我拿起膠水,東拼西湊地把多餘的模型零件黏合起來,嘗試把雞肋煮湯再風乾,混入一些創意和瘋狂,看看能否研磨成雞粉,物盡其用。 豈料不拼尤自可,湊起來倒是走火入魔。雞粉不成,風味十足,光怪陸離的奇異產物接踵而來…。」

 本週六下午4時至6時,怪物們的製作者 Kel 將會為大家準備好充足殘件,與大家用剩物,砌怪物!


 ..... Committed to the thought that there must be some use to every piece of material existence, I was determined to “exhaust” the last bit of “use value” of the left-overs from the making of military miniatures. I took some glue and started to mix and match, combine and collage, and sorted out ways to turn these “tasteless rib-cages,” as a Chinese saying goes,  into something: to “broil” it, dry it, perhaps to “marinate” it with a bit of my own madness, to see if I may get “chicken powder” at the end of it. Nil or all the way through… I find myself in an endless journey that is wide open: assembling is a serious deal. I may not have managed to make “chicken powder,” but what comes out of this game is extremely “tasteful” – weird looks, unnamable objects, shocking combinations kept coming… It is no Frankensteinian nightmare... 


... Coming Saturday from 1600-1800, Monster Maker 

Kel will share with us his toy materials, come along and build your own monsters!



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