D-Normal/V-Essay: Motion picture film workshop | 電影菲林工作坊

D-Normal/V-Essay: Motion picture film workshop | 電影菲林工作坊

工作坊導師 Workshop Leader: 李新傑 Andy Li   (Floating Projects Collective) 日期 Date: 28/02/2021 


時間 Time: 2:00pm - 5:30pm 

地點 Venue: 據點.句點 Floating Projects (L306D @JCCAC) 

名額 Capacity: 6 報名Registration: https://forms.gle/LFDXMSjGJ8dNUAHR6   


歡迎你來以超八米釐底片拍攝你未來的作品! 假如你對用菲林拍電影感興趣,歡迎你參與是次工作坊。 導師會簡介電影菲林和超八米釐相機的歷史、種類、操作方法。然後,回家前,你會現場拍攝一段屬於自已的超八米釐影片!   工作坊內容:


  1. 介紹不同格式的電影菲林及超八相機的歷史
  2. 介紹市面上可買到的不同種類電影菲林
  3. 解釋傳統及電子混合的影像工作流程
  4. 超八米釐相機拍攝
  5. 相機基本操作
  6. 如何使用測光錶去取得正確曝光
  7. 使用相機其他功能
  8. 拍攝一段屬於自已的超八米釐影片


Learn the inner workings of Super8 film shooting for your own projects. Are you interested in shooting on film? Here’s a workshop to make films with a Super8 movie camera! This workshop introduces you to the history of the analog film and the inner workings of shooting with a Super8 camera. This could be where you make your first 8mm project! Workshop content:


  1. Introduction to different cine film formats, a brief history
  2. Introduction to efilm stock variety for movies
  3. Introduction to the analogue-digital hybrid workflow
  4. Super 8 camera operation walk-through
  5. Load Super 8 cameras
  6. Properly set aperture with a light meter
  7. Use different functions of the cameras properly
  8. Shoot a clip of film by yourself


Workshop outcome 工作坊成果  D-Normal / V-Essay Motion picture film workshop outcome from Floating Projects on Vimeo.   


** 此活動為「平地數碼」的支援活動。  This is a supporting event for D-Normal / V-Essay    

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