Relentless Melt No. 1: Hong Kong Music Abstractions

Relentless Melt No. 1: Hong Kong Music Abstractions

6:00-9:00pm 2 December 2017 (Saturday) @Floating Projects |


**a minimum donation of HKD30 appreciated


Curated by Max Hattler 

Relentless Melt presents a one-off screening of sound and music-driven abstract audiovisual works by moving image artists from Hong Kong. Spanning a range of techniques and materials, these works are united by their aim to translate music into the visual realm, to create synaesthetic experience and visual music. The screening includes brand new official music videos for veteran English electronica duo Isan, East London composer Lux Prima, and Dutch-born, Sydney-based music artist Julien Mier. Relentless Melt is a newly-established society for the appreciation, production, promotion and dissemination of abstract and experimental moving images in Hong Kong and beyond. 


6:00pm – 7:30pm screening  

7:30pm – 9:00pm Discussion session with artists and curator  


Screening List

1. All is Quiet, dir: LI Shanshan & LIU Jianan, music: Julien Mier, 2'48", Hong Kong, 2017 

2. Darwin, dir: LIAO Jiaming & ZHANG Riwen, music: Lux Prima, 3'50', Hong Kong, 2017 

3. Pulse, dir: Qi SHEN & Jiahui YAN, music: HuangJin, 3'04", Hong Kong, 2017 

4. New Eyes, dir: GONG Chunxi & WU Jiawen, music: Julien Mier, 4'05", Hong Kong, 2017 

5. Every Since and Then, dir: CHEN Xingyu, music: Isan, 2'10", Hong Kong, 2017 

6. Divisional Articulations, dir: Max Hattler, music: Lux Prima, 4'33", Hong Kong, 2017 

7. Stumble, dir: YU Wing Yan, music: Isan, 2'08", Hong Kong, 2017 8. UY, dir: Loongint & Fu, music: HuangJin, 3'18", Hong Kong, 2017 

9. The Land, dir: LAU Hiu-Kong, music: LAU Hiu-Kong, 2'05", Hong Kong, 2017 

10. Lukewarm Arteries, dir: REN Siyu & WANG Ruonan, music: Julien Mier, 3'21", Hong Kong, 2017 

11. Insufficient Pressure Achieved, dir: LI Yixiao & Holly ZHAO, music: Isan, 3'32", Hong Kong, 2017 

12. Collide, dir: CHOI Sai-Ho, music: CHOI Sai-Ho, 4'27", Hong Kong, 2015 

13. Illusion (Cuckoo Down), dir: Bixin ZHANG, music: Isan, 3'08", Hong Kong, 2017  


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