D-Normal/V-Essay: Stop Motion workshop 定格動畫工作坊

D-Normal/V-Essay: Stop Motion workshop 定格動畫工作坊

工作坊導師 Workshop Leader: | 駱敏聰 | Kel LOK Man-chung   (Floating Projects Collective) 


日期 Date: 21/03/2021 (Sun 星期日) 

時間 Time: 3pm - 6pm 

地點 Venue: 據點.句點 Floating Projects (L306D @JCCAC) 

名額 quota: 14   


報名Registration: https://forms.gle/19iQ6JD6zApLmEDm9   


攝影技術的不斷完善以來,帶來了「定格動畫」(Stop- motion Animation) 之誕生,至今已逾百年之久。由1898年已失傳的 The Humpty Dumpty Circus,到1912年 Wladislaw Starewicz 讓人眼前一亮的作品 The Cameraman’s Revenge,再到今天成為一時佳話的天竺鼠車車,定格動畫不止沒有隨著後製技術的發展而沒落,更憑藉其獨特的質感與入門門檻低的特性,持續成為人們發揮創造力的途徑,繼續大放異彩。 是次工作坊將透過基本入門的介紹、好玩作品的展示、及臨場即時製作的活動,讓參與者對定格動畫能有基礎認知,並在過程中實踐知識及發揮創意。   來參與這個好玩的活動,只需簡單的個人準備即可: 

**安裝了應用程式“Stop motion Studio” 的智能電話行動電池/充電器**   






The continuous perfection of cine-photographic technology resulted in stop-motion animation, among other things. With over a century of creative practice, stop-motion continues to thrive in contemporary artistic creation.  One may hear of the lost 1898 gem The Humpty Dumpty Circus, or have the chance to view Wladislaw Starewicz's eye-catching The Cameraman's Revenge in 1912, and mostly likely the guinea pig car that has become a meme. Stop-motion animation continues to be well liked even with the flourishing development of post-production technology. What are the unique features of stop-motion animation that make it shine through creative communities? Texture? Or its low entry barrier? This workshop will provide participants with a basic understanding of stop-motion animation supported by demonstration with good examples, followed by on-site hands-on production. Knowledge introduced will be tested through practice in creative processes. To enjoy this workshop, here’s all that is required of participants: 


**a smartphone with the application "Stop motion Studio" pre-installed + a mobile battery/charger** 


The organizer will provide visual material.  Participants can also bring their own material to make more personalized animations! 


** 此活動為「平地數碼」的支援活動。  This is a supporting event for D-Normal / V-Essay.   


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