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LAI Wai-leung / Long Time no see: TAMIYA-Tiger 1 再度重遇「你」: 田宮「虎一」戰車 [玩具之間 “Toy as Medium” count-down]
LAI Wai-leung / 生有可戀: 香港的學生,曾經這樣過活的。Life worth living: HK students once upon a time
LAI Wai-leung / Wanchai 灣仔
LAI Wai-leung / 半生•咖啡•緣

LAI Wai-leung / 半生•咖啡•緣

香港人「嘆」甚麼咖啡?在那裡「嘆」?甚麼來頭的咖啡?多貴多便宜?據點作者從1970年代說起。What coffee did HK people enjoy? Where from? Where to have a cup of coffee? How expensive? How cheap? Any brandnames? FP manager and writer Wai-leung Lai recount his coffee experience since the 1970s.

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