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The Cave and the Boxes: variations of confinement (quarantine diaries 01)
Winnie Yan / 白色的時間-往 臺中國際動畫影展 札記

Winnie Yan / 白色的時間-往 臺中國際動畫影展 札記

FP writer/editor Winnie Yan reflects on her visit to the Taichung International Animation Festival (13-17 Oct 2017) and finds “concepts and theories” less learned in class. Traversing through works across generations and continents, she asks, “What is it that makes us willing to condense our life into a short string of images?” 忻慧妍問:是什麼令我們願意把自己的生命濃縮成一小段影像呢?

Winnie Yan / 記錄 六月 Writing June
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