Linda Lai / Montage is performance… 潛行:一次分秒秩進的蒙太奇

Linda Lai / Montage is performance… 潛行:一次分秒秩進的蒙太奇

Linda Chiu-han Lai 黎肖嫻

Linda Chiu-han Lai 黎肖嫻

發表於: 07 Oct 2020

Two videographers in dialogue. This time, Linda Lai applies semi-automatic writing for a spontaneous response to a few draft drawings she received from Jamsen Law… The language of montage is invoked, contemplating time as a multi-faceted entity… The drawings were from Law’s solo show, “No Details, Not Whole,” 《表。述》at Lumenvisum in September 2016.


I am obsessed with montage. I wonder if Jamsen Law, too, is.


Zoom in … a different universe
You may get drowned or get lost…
You breathe in dashes of sashes of bundled lines which is a sheen sheet of penetrable space…


Crop it. Nail it.


The boundaries mark it; the frames make it.


Paste it. Rub it. De-pixelizing…


The experience of delving into Jamsen’s drawings is a serial immersion of multiple takes.


Meandering on the surface, one of them.
Hit hard and penetrate, another.
Erasing – that’s décollage…


In a series of works that grows on flat surfaces, I detect a plateau of multiple sedimentary layers, each of a different texture, density and vectoring velocity.


The drama of subjectivities caught in moments in consecutive forward motions…



















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