Orientations in video art: mapping the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a work 方位、取向:錄像創作「誕生」的前說與待續

Orientations in video art: mapping the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a work 方位、取向:錄像創作「誕生」的前說與待續

[Screening+Forum] 'Orientations: Boundaries Surveyed' at FP - video art etc.

6:00-9:00pm, 26 August 2017 (Saturday) @Floating Projects | **a minimum donation of HKD30 appreciated curated by Linda C.H. Lai on initiatives in contemporary video art in the  Asia Pacific EXiS 2017 商品化空氣的耳濡目染,我們都強調眼前「作品」的可看性。可曾對一個眼前作品的「前生」與下一步感到興趣?對藝術創作和創作者而言,這種好奇是重要的。這次據點打開門,除了放映黎肖嫻為第14屆首爾實驗電影錄像節策展,於7月16日放映的「亞洲論壇」節目外,還邀請了節目其中兩位藝術家於放映後作延伸討論。黃淑賢會展示錄像作品的部分初稿和創作過程中出現過的實驗碎片;羅海德會介紹他最新近的還在實驗發展中作品,與前作的關連。之後參與朋友可與策展人和藝術家們自由交談。 It is likely that our consumer habits also inform our reception of art without our realizing it. What is it that we care about with a video work? Is it exciting to sit through? Does it give me new insight? Does it stretch my perceptual experience or attention mode? Fair enough. In this FP-open-door event, we call for curiosity of a different kind -- the 'before' and 'after' of a 'work', i.e. the obscurities that precede the arrival of a work's "final version," and how a completed work generates new works in progress. Yes, we think artists and the intricate processes of their artistic labor deserve deeper understanding. Screening of the complete program "Orientations: Boundaries Surveyed," curated by Linda Lai for EXiS 2017 (14th Experimental Film & Video Festival in Seoul) this past July, will be followed by Hector Rodriguez's discussion of his recent work-in-progress and Elaine Wong's disclosure of early drafts of her work shown in this program. Related reading (detailed introduction of the screening program): Orientations: Boundaries Surveyed. A video art show I curated for EXiS 2017

6:00pm - 7:30pm screening | 7:30-9:00pm presentation by Hector Rodriguez and Elaine Wong + Q & A

[Screening Program 放映: 64min ]

Getting Used to Run_Jamsen LAW HK | 1997 | B&W | Stereo | 9min 23sec | SD  Blueprints for Volition City_TOH Hun Ping Singapore | 2006 | Color | Stereo | 7min 47sec | HD Unconcealment of the Aftermaths_ TOH Hun Ping Singapore | 2009 | Color | Stereo | 10min 24sec | HD  aXolotl’s Happiness_ Diego RAMIREZ Australia | 2014 | Color | Stereo | 7min 15sec | HD Phantom of 20C  Elaine WONG HK | 2017 | Color | Stereo | 3min 22sec | HD Ver. VII_ NG Chak-hang Kevin HK | 2017 | Color | Stereo | 9min 46sec | HD  Theorem 8 _ Hector RODRIGUEZ HK | 2013 | B&W | Stereo | 6min 48sec | video software Boxing Mothlight_Hector RODRIGUEZ HK | 2016 | B&W | Stereo | 4min 1sec | video software   7:30pm - 9:00pm DISCUSSION  session with artists and curator  

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