Reality Fragment 160921 (video by Qigemu)

Reality Fragment 160921 (video by Qigemu)

Date: 2018.11.6 (Tuesday) 

Time: 8pm Entry Fee: Free donation 

Work briefs : 

Reality Fragment 160921 / Qigemu / 2016 / 14’01” / 16:9 / color / sound 



Our own histories are always under curation, and as such, our perspectives become the central point in the building of personal realities. How do these multiple lived worlds, each their own amalgamation of memories, sensations, thoughts, coexist with de facto presentations of distance, history, and totality? How is this coexistence mediated if one is an actor in the online realm? The Internet functions as yet another parallel universe, but likewise an explicit symbol of the traversing between the subjective and the objective — a symbol in the questioning of solitary truths. Reality Fragment 160921 follows two people in their process of reality-curation, as they create their own spaces against and via understandings of distance, as they go through the motions of growing themselves by growing their universes. We witness not only their movements, but also partake in the thoughts of two witnesses and how by seeing these two people, worlds are merged. In turn, we ask you, a viewer of this film and thus also a witness, to pay attention to your own movements of perception and reflect around the ways in which you build your own world. Who have you merged your world with, and what does that mean for the subjective truths you tend to? 




七个木 Qigemu 七個木 is a duo consisting of lovers April Lin and Jasmine Lin exploring the interstices of movement, visual media, identity, and the global Asian diaspora as respectively, Chinese-Swedish and Taiwanese-American. Using the potential of this hybrid space, Qigemu engages in conversations dealing with bodies, information, and energies, and how these are conceptualized in the Internet Age. A central element of Qigemu's creative process is learning to understand the growth of their relationship and of themselves, and no endeavor that is embarked on, whether analytical, emotional, or spiritual, is impersonal nor detached. Qigemu is committed to broadening what it means to be queer and Asian, constructing alternative narratives of subversive existence grounded in un-learning and un-teaching exclusionary ways of movement and existence.


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