What's in a Talking Head?

What's in a Talking Head?

A multi-disciplinary take on interviews of a talking head… Cultural Studies, Cinema Studies and a feminist stance on knowledge production meeting through visual ethnography.


FPC Forum: 'What's in a Talking Head: narrated selves and event structure" 

Dr. Linda C.H. Lai

2010.06.26 / FPC / 2:30-4:30 pm 

1st floor, 99 Queen's Road East, Wanchai



[Original announcement/brief/synopsis......

[youtube excerpt uploaded by Linda Lai: Excitable Speech: All About Cinderella (2008, Linda Lai) ......

Field researchers: Elliot Leung, WOO Ling-ling, Ivy Fung, Morgan Wong (summer 2008)



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