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《冷風中 我在》 I’m here.  In the cold wind.

《冷風中 我在》 I’m here. In the cold wind.

[Mending Years 縫補歲月] Elaine Wong recalls her Mom listening to Shirley Kwan's “A Solo Song” alone in the dark, and finds the same sentiment in a line sung by Cantonese opera diva Fong Yim-fun, “I've done nothing wrong, why am I suffering?” – which speaks of many grass-root females's mind in the 1970s. 黃淑賢的媽媽喜歡唱歌,偏偏聲帶出狀況,發不了高音。有一段日子,她經常獨個兒在漆黑的客廳坐在沙發上,播放着關淑怡的《一首獨唱的歌》,令她想起七十年代草根女性愛聽的芳艷芬的一段細訴:「今生我無做錯 何以何以累我受此折磨。」

Multiple artists / Voices from the Atmosphere (2): reconnecting, quarantine diaries… 「大氣中融融細語」(二): 嘗試連線,隔離日記
Voices from the Atmosphere (1): archiving thought paths in days of isolation 「大氣中融融細語」(一): 隔離日子的思路的庫存
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