Andio Lai / 4WD fragments 四驅的鎖碎記憶 [“Toy as Medium” count-down]

Andio Lai / 4WD fragments 四驅的鎖碎記憶 [“Toy as Medium” count-down]

LAI Chung-man Andio 黎仲民

LAI Chung-man Andio 黎仲民

發表於: 19 Nov 2016

[***中文版在英語辦之後] [related event: “Toy as Medium” opening 20 November 2016]

Wai and Kel’s Tamiya models remind me of 4WD (four-wheel drive) cars.

Most 4WD cars I had when I was small already turned into fragments.

When did I first learn about 4WD? Probably when I was at Primary 2.

//My impression was that on Sundays cartoon picture series 4WD boy would be on television.

//I am not too familiar with the “4WD boy,” but I remember the characters use a hockey stick to play the cars on muddy places.

Double Diamond brand (AULDEY)
Double Diamond brand (AULDEY)

//My first car was a Double Diamond (Auldey brand), then a Tamiya Horizon, which my female cousin gave me.

//Students on my school bus talked about 4WD cars non-stop. Under their influence, I joined their group. One student on the bus had a 4WD catalog, which he allowed us to read and study.

//Back then, near Shum Shui Po Manor Centre, there was a loop of 4WD lane outside a comics shop. Children would line up to play.

// It was 1997 when I was in Primary 3. The cover of the inaugural issue of Co-Co! was a gold-paint Cyclone Magnum.

// I purchased a Victory Magnum with my Dad at the toy store at Apollo Building Shopping Center.

//Co-Co! Serial comics of 4WD Brothers, Let’s & Go ignited the 4WD fad. But it was the TV cartoon picture later that was the real hype.

//In my memory, there was a kind of sky blue color paint, which I applied onto my Horizon and Tridagger ZMC to prepare for a competition held at the Dragon Centre.

//That competition was the first of its kind. Due to bad organization, there was only on-site registration. The line was so line and it was too crowded that I decided to leave.

Co-co! inaugural issue, February 1997
Co-co! – inaugural issue, February 1997

The lane I’ve got was bought at the sales zone of the competition. It’s been 20 years.

//Recalling Dragon Center, about two or three shops back then carried 4WD cars. One of them was a Tamiya specialist. Its interior arrangement resembled the look of the Japanese cartoon.

//At Primary 4, I was in the habit of modifying my 4WD cars with a cutter. One time, I cut my left index finger while “modifying.” The bleeding was so severe that I had to be rushed to the emergency room. My idea was to remove the car window from one of my cars but, instead, I slit open my finger. …

Victory Magnum
“Victory Magnum”

//During that time, I owned different 4WD models, but I did not treasure them much as I enjoyed modifying them. Many of these turned into useless fragments and parts.

The number of 4WD cars that I had destroyed emulated that by the villains in the Japanese cartoon series.

//I was so addicted to 4WD that I failed my mathematics exam and my teacher had to “consult” my parents.

//Some Primary school classmates of mine used to run their cars on the drainage tracks.

//At Primary 5, in the first Summer Animation Fun Show, I participated in the 4WD competition. That was the first time I had joined a 5-lane track competition in Hong Kong. But a part came off the front of my Cyclone Magnum and I lost the game.

Digital toys such as Pokemon and Digimon, as well as simple toys such as game cards, replaced the 4WD trend, probably because these games are less space consuming.

//A few days ago at home, I found the Spoiler part of my old Cyclone Magnum in a messy pile of old toys. That’s the one that brought my failure in the 4WD competition.

Suddenly, Wai’s writing for the show came to my mind. My Cyclone Magnum is Wai’s Tiger 1.

I know I love Cyclone Magnum most of all. I feel it was the converging point of every good memory of mine from my younger days – it connects Victory Magnum, Co-Co!, Dragon Centre, my primary school friends, and the 5-lane competition.

I bought one yesterday, alas! Cyclone Magnum.



偉師傅和Kel 的雙星模型令我想起忘記了的四驅車。








小學三年級時是九七年, Co-Co! 創刊號以電鍍金色的旋風麥林號為封面。


Co-co! 連載四驅兄弟的漫畫,這是四驅車熱潮的開始。之後,在電視上播出的卡通片才真正帶動整個熱潮。

TriDagger ZMC
“TriDagger ZMD”













電子玩具如 Pokemon 和數碼暴龍,簡單的遊戲卡取代了需要頗多空間的四驅車熱潮吧。



突然想起偉師父的文章來。說到他同年的鍾愛Tiger 1, 1998年的旋風麥林就是我的 「Tiger 1」罷。

我知我最喜歡的是旋風麥林號。因為它大約是一切的美好回憶的連結,又像是一個中間位,想起勝利麥林號, Co-Co!,西九龍中心,我的小學朋友,五軌賽道比賽。



Cyclone Magnum
Cyclone Magnum



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