FPC members / Let me see if I can put it in words: between FP 1.0 and FP 2.0 總有一點想法:「據點。句點」1.0 與 2.0 之間

FPC members / Let me see if I can put it in words: between FP 1.0 and FP 2.0 總有一點想法:「據點。句點」1.0 與 2.0 之間

Floating Projects Collective

發表於: 21 Sep 2018

/ FP players 2015-2018 「據點」2015-2018 的戰據者
[21 September 2018] We are right here between 1.0 and 2.0. Many have heard of our moving in and out, renovation problems, installing an ideal place with the new space at JCCAC. But that is far from everything. The human mind evolves around things that happen(ed). Here we have recorded thoughts that could only be preserved and shared in words, from FPC members, including those just arriving and departing.
是時候發一點聲了。FP 1.0 至 2.0 開幕前夕之間,不只是搬遷、裝修、場地佈置、分工合作,還有很個人想法,都值得記住。新成員、舊成員、離開了的成員,都用上了時間去勾畫這片據點。

*** = translation by site editor


Andio 黎仲民
FP is a place to continue “art” exploration and experimentation in art after graduation; besides, a place for sharing these ideas with a group of minds.




0518Andy 李新傑
大概是一部在黑房中發光的放大機:有些時候將一些被忽略的、或未知的,放大再重新呈現。經過此放大機,便能制造出比底片更大、更精美的照片。***It is somewhat like a magnifying machine in the darkroom. Sometimes, neglected details and the unknown re-emerge after enlargement. Through this magnifying machine, the image produced is much larger than the negative, probably a much finer image.




Bill 譚永標
係一個簡陋嘅天堂… ***A simplistic paradise.




Ding 丁卓藍
扎根在浮動事情裡面。 是一個空間比自己繼續遊動 , 似漂流木在大海般從容自如 , 耐不耐沖上岸 , 久唔久捲返大海 ,  而鯨魚尾巴總是相伴。***We take root in things that float. It is a place where I may continue with moving. Like a log floating and drifting freely in the sea, I sometimes got pushed back on shore, and then taken back to the sea, whereby the tale of a whale is often nearby keeping me company.




Emilie 蔡倩怡
***A space that is empty. An empty space that is spacious.




Fuk-kuen 黃福權
being a FP members reminds me I am still art-able.. it reminds me… although life is busy.. still try making something for myself… i said yo myself. ***作為「據點。句點」成員,我常被提醒我仍能「藝術」。生活雖繁重,我還是要試下去做點甚麼,為自己而做 — 我如此跟自己說。




HugoHugo 楊鳴謙
***To make art also presumes we need to eat, have a coffee, and sit round a table to enjoy a meal to our contentment.




Heidi (Pui-yi) 黃佩儀
防止自己變成boring adult 的地方
a space that prevents me from becoming a boring adult




Hoi9 王鎮海
***Making art remains a great thing.





Jess 劉清華
***Here gather many individuals with a gentle shine.




John 周皓風
***This is a place for the genuine, straightforward, chic and versatile, where my habitual restlessness finds ground.





Kai-chung 李繼忠
***I’m still thinking diligently what “collective” really means. Other than a place where we lubricate the harshness of our edgy differences, would it also prescribe “putting down oneself” as a basic commitment?




Kin-choi 林建才
三年前令我相信自己可以繼續創作的地方和人。 ***This is the place, and where I met people, since three years ago, which has enabled me to believe I am still capable of creation.




Kel 駱敏聰
「到底有多愛做夢,才會費心思找地方築小窩邀人一起造夢呢?」這地方,就適合邊喝 Latte、邊想這些、邊做夢、邊造夢。*** “How much love for dreaming does it take to drive one to hunt for a ‘home’ to gather other dreamers to dream together?” This place is most suitable for drinking latte while thinking about how to dream, what dreams to dream, and how to make dreams concrete.




Lai-lai 勞麗麗
***It’s probably a “safe island” in the middle of the road, not big too small, where we gather, depart, and continue on with our journeys.




Linda 黎肖嫻
A void turned space, a space turned place, a place turned empty space. We make space, we narrate space, and there is space. We, spatial beings. 感覺到每個人之間的留白和流動空間,我就是我,但我可以撞擊你,如果你準備好。「我」和「我」之間拉著可伸可縮的索,遠看,是個浮動的網,形狀可變。拖拉力何來?那是「據點。句點」式的魔法罷。




Michelle 李可穎
有很多以不同速度移動的點,有些形成了線,有些了無痕跡。***There are many dots moving at varied speeds. Some of them form a line, some leave no traces.




Siu Fong 蕭詠方
***It is a place where I seriously try out the many “what if….s” …




Wai 黎偉亮
三年前有人跟我說,自身的成功與否,不需他人下定義。三年後,看著她慢慢長大,我對這番話有了新的體驗。***Three years ago, someone said to me: success or not requires no definition by others. Three years have gone by, I witness her gradual growth. I seem to understand that remark more with new experiences.




Wing 卓穎嵐
FP1.0 是建立羈絆的地方 ***It is a place that grows obligations.




Winnie 忻慧妍
~大學最後一年與剛畢業的這兩年與 1.0重疊
~在 1.0中發生,偶然會徘徊在腦海的幾句對話:
*** | the final year of undergraduate studies overlapped with the first two years of FP 1.0. | Here are some phrases that have lingered in my mind from what happened in phase 1.0 of FP: “The restlessness and anxieties encountered in one’s creative process are to a larger extent built on felicity.” “Just give it a try. Won’t hurt trying. Let’s try it out first. Debug if necessary.” “It’s no easy thing to engage in artistic creation. Why, then, should we bother to question our love?” | Keyword: highly independent individuals / you’ll be fine…

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