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2022 Assemblage growing 「石硤尾聚疊」2022 蔓延

2022 Assemblage growing 「石硤尾聚疊」2022 蔓延

據點句點新成員鄭嘉雯參加了2022年5月6日星期五晚的 Assemblage 熱身,自行發現「聚疊」的內藴。即興是怎樣的一回事? What does improvization look like? FPC new member Dory Cheng provided her account as a fresh performer-participant at the 6th May Assemblage.

Sketch 2: Floating, Surfing, Working on…  再稿: 浮遊,流動,工作進行中

Sketch 2: Floating, Surfing, Working on… 再稿: 浮遊,流動,工作進行中

“Sketch 2” picks up the question of what a sketch could do beyond drawing, beyond pen and paper, beyond the concept of a draft. Sketch is an extempore — on the spur of the moment, an artist encounter the many more possibilities awaiting. FPC members’ pop-up show will be kicked off by an initial assemblage event with modifications in 21 days.《再稿》– 自2018年後《稿展》再度出擊。打開「稿」的種類、載媒、應用和意義,也是「據點。句點」成員的再一次聚疊,透過展示他/她們的「稿」件,用另一種方法展示他/她們的藝術關注和創作上的路徑。21天。天天換景,重組再疊。行動就是探索。

CHEUK Wing-nam / Gundamzeta [玩具之間 “Toy as Medium” count-down]
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